ICTUS CORDIS (2018-now)

ICTUS CORDIS is an intermedia performance / audio-visual laboratory with the main subject heart of the artist.


Januš Aleš Luznar invites his audience to his consecrated space of artistic and spiritual intimacy and urges visitors to drift away by sounds and visualizations of his heart. The project explores the interaction between art and psychology, between physical and mental organisms, Although they speak different languages,  which are difficult to translate, the artist searches for their coincidental and non conclusive parallels through which they communicate. Januš Aleš Luznar explores Biofeedback technique or a mutual heart reaction to the stream of a sound composition.



Author, Performer: Januš Aleš Luznar

Visualisations: Den Baruca 

Technical support: Gregor Krpič  

Video supervisor and editing: Tone Poljanec

Production: Alja Bulič

Support on the psychology sector: Vid Vanja Vodušek

Graphic Design: Gorazd Guštin


November 2018, Športno društvo Tabor, Ljubljana

December 2018, Švicarija, Ljubljana

April 2019, Dark City – Raum 8, Ljubljana

May 2019, Pocket teater Studio, Ljubljana



Hupa <3 GOTO - Art Recidence Ljubljana
7 days, 5 artists, 1 night of exhibition, no traces left behind


We invited our friends from Vienna - Art Collective GOTO - Verein der Künste to Ljubljana. A private recidency in public space. 

What happens if you put 5 visual artists for one week into a old factory hall and give them complete freedom in their creation? What happens if you do one night of exhibition where the beginning is already the ending? And what if then u combine the forces of two independed art collectives.

The answer: pure magic!


GOTO is a collaboration of artists and creators from Austria combining and merging different professional backgrounds to a synergetic action group - seeking for an individual, collective and interdisciplinary combination of their work.




Vision & Production: Sabell-Christina Fabian

Visual Artists GOTO: Daniel Sostaric, David Mase, Nina Herzog, Daniel Hosenberg, Martin Egger

Sound Artists HUPA: Januš Aleš Luznar, Elvis Sedič, Tom Lemajič, Kristina Aleksova Camera: Tina Glavič Novak

Video: Sabell-Christina Fabian

Music: Trip Jazz Trio "Espressivo Introverte" | Peter Lebar | Hupastudio 2019