Frequently asked questions

Where does the name Hupa Brajdič come from?

Hupa comes from the word "horn" and Brajdič is one of the most common gipsz family names in Slovenia. Means we are loud and wild.

How can I get in touch with Hupa?

Just drop us a mail to hupa.brajdič@gmail.com and we will aswer you as soon asap. If you are more oldschool - feel free to send us a letter to Center 21, Grič 5a, 1000 Ljubljana. If you are even more oldschool you can of course also send us a pigeon - but be careful - our dogs are quiet skilled hunters.

I also wanna be Hupa. How can I get into the game?

If you ask yourself this question you ARE already Hupa and the only thing you need to do is to let us know of your existence. So drop us a mail or just crash one of our performances. Be more invasive than we are and we will love you for sure.

Do I need to have a dog/child/other pet to be Hupa?

No, but its a plus.

I visited one of your shows and now I cannot sleep at night.

In this case please contact our therapist Ursa Kosenina.