We create, present, 

perform & turn
your world into
an art circus. 

ON DECK '' 2017-2018

The voyage of the self.


A multimedia performance, an interactive exhibition,
a psychological game, a book in the making and
an experimental entertainment. Based on a story of
the old cruise ship that voyages in the ocean of timelessness.


Individual passengers represent personalized human aspects:

Mr. Wrong, Diva Sick Mind, Mr. Laughter, Lady Daydreaming, Lady Metamorphosis and others. Hupa invites you to find out which one of them is You.


Having doubts, Mr. Question? 



Concept and production: Alja Bulič, Tina Glavič Novak
Script: Alja Bulič 

Performers: Olja Grubić, Sabell-Christina Fabian, Lea Šuligoj, Ines Šimunić, Katarina Jenšterle, Alja Bulič, Bernarda Kristan, Tina Glavič Novak, Toni Poljanec, Tea Grahek, Petra Jeršin, Živa Petrič, Peter Lebar, Sara Isa Djukanović, Kristina Rozman, Urška Košenina, Padma, Iva Tratnik, Ana Škreblin-Pirjevec, Anže Petrič, Devina Flores
Video: Tina Glavič Novak, Toni Poljanec

Scenography: Živa Petrič

Artwork: Tjaša Zidarič, Iva Tratnik, Katarina Jenšterle, Ines Šimunić,
Sabell-Christian Fabian
Sound: Peter Lebar
Music: PIP
Costumography: Sabell-Christina Fabian, Petra Jeršin
Technical support: Elvis Sedić
Translation: Nina Behek

Design & Illustration: Sabell-Christina Fabian


Production: Hupa Brajdič, KUD Center 21

Supported by Mestna občina Ljubljana. 



We were cruising through timelessness: 

  • in Oktober 2017, departing in Fundus, Ljubljana,

  • in September 2018, departing in DarkCity, Krumpendorf, Austria,

  • in September 2018, departing in Galerija Račka, Festival Produkcija želje in užitka, Celje.



Interview with Na Palubi Producer Alja Bulič Radio AGORA 105,5 (15. September 2018, Klagenfurt)


Show me your love!

An art spectacle led by Austrian painter and theater producer  Gerhard Fresacher in the factory halls of Eurogold Indistries Ltd. in Zhytomyr, Ukraine. Colourful interpretation of Three sisters by Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, performed by 80 artists from Austria, Slovenia and Ukraine: Hupa Brajdič performers, Austrian visual collective 7 sons of Dzinkiskan, military orchestra from Zhytomyr, Ukranian rock band Zerno, actors from Zhytomyr national theater etc.


Director: Gerhard Fresacher

Production for Hupa: Sabell-Christina Fabian

Costumes: Tea Grahek, Sabell Christina Fabian

Performers: Tina Glavič Novak, Iva Tratnik, Devina Elena Flores, Ines Šimunić, Alja Bulič, Toni Poljanec, Sabell-Christina Fabian, Katarina Jenšterle, Petra Jeršin, Tea Grahek

Video: Živa Petrič


November 2018, Zhytomyr/Ukraine


In collaboration with Gerhard Fresacher & Nils Grolitsch // Eurogold Industries Ldt.


MEDIA: Radio Študent


MINLJIVKA '' 2017-now

No borders. No stage. 


The series of improvised psychedelic performance with a specific topic and no stage. Creative experiment for the artists and the audience, inspired by the theater approaches of Alejandro Jodorowsky. 


Production: Toni Poljanec, Alja Bulič

Performers: Živa Petrič, Tea Grahek, Inti Šraj, Elvis Sedić, Peter Lebar, Toni Poljanec, Devina Flores, Katarina Jenšterle, Alja Bulič, Matej Lazar, Sabell-Christina Fabian, Kristina Aleksova, Tina Glavič Novak, Iva Tratnik, Tjaša Zidarič, Padma, Ana Škreblin Pirjevec, Ines Šimunić, Januš Aleš Luznar, Ali Aljabi, Marko J., Delajda Solin and others...

Graphic Design: Sabell-Christina Fabian

Key-Visuals: Iva Tratnik



Birthday Minljivka // Dreamy Minljivka // Lying Minljivka // Flirting Minljivka // Forgotten Minljivka // Minljivka On the Ship // Scary Minljivka // Fatal Minljivka // Laughing Minljivka // Hero Minljivka // Minljivka Čefurka // Anonymus Minljivka // Easy Minljivka // Dirty Minljivka


Modri Kot - Rog, Ljubljana, Žmauc -  Ljubljana, Švicerija - Ljubljana



One heartbeat in a collective dream

24-hour performance produced by Gerhard Fresacher and written by Sabell Christina Fabian, a mixture of invasive theater, exhibition of Gerhard Fresacher and visual spectacle that took place in gallery DarkCity-Raum 8 in Klagenfurt. 14 Performers of Hupa Brajdič occupied the shopping windows and all other places in the gallery and invited the audience to join them for one day of their life.

The Project was based on memories of "No Disco Behind", led by Gerhard Fresacher (Zhytomyr/Ukraine 2018).


Production: Gerhard Fresacher, Alja Bulič & Sabell-Christina Fabian
Author: Sabell-Christina Fabian
Performative Director: Alja Bulič
Visual Director: Sabell-Christina Fabian
Visual Art by: Black Frese
Performers: Kristina Aleksova, Alja Bulič, Sabell-Christina Fabian, Tina Glavič Novak, Katarina Jenšterle, Petra Jeršin, Peter Lebar, Januš Ales Luznar, Žan Perko, Toni Poljanec, Ines Šimunić, Sara Isa Djukanović, Iva Tratnik
Ictus Cordis: Januš Aleš Luznar
Scenery: Gerhard Fresacher
Camera: Tea Grahek
Costumography: Tea Grahek
Graphic Design: Sabell-Christina Fabian
Light: Gerhard Fresacher
Music: Peter Lebar, Januš Aleš Luznar, Elvis Sedić
Video (Screened): Živa Petrič
A Black Frese & Hupa Brajdič Production


April 2019, Darkcity-Raum 8, Klagenfurt, Austria


Magical  blues '' 2017-now

I came here to be a witch, and a witch I have become.  

An interactive street performance about witches from northern city Plamen. Witches of Water, Fire, Stories, Plants, Tricks, Changes, Gifts and Clownessa come to modern world to invite children to join the Witch school, to remind them of the magic and to share some secret spells. 



Production: Alja Bulič, Katarina Jenšterle

Script: Alja Bulič

Design: Sabell-Christina Fabian

Illustrations: Sabell-Christina Fabian

Performers: Kristina Aleksova, Katarina Jenšterle, Urška Košenina, Ines Šimunić, Alja Bulič, Sabell-Christina Fabian, Živa Petrič, Petra Jeršin



  • September 2017; Festival ulične glasbe Ljubljana

  • October 2017; 6. Čarovniški kongres, Koča pri čarovnici, Olimje

  • August 2018; Kranjska Gora International Filmfest

  • October 2018; 7. Čarovniški kongres, Koča pri čarovnici, Olimje

  • July 2019; Maribor

  • August 2019; Plaža Valdoltra, Ankaran

  • September 2019; 30. Pikin festival v Velenju

  • December 2019: MARIBOR

  • Februar 2020: Mala Ulica, Ljubljana 

An-atomic trance - a Hybrid performance '' 2019

Inspired by the exhibition Zgoraj Kun, s
podaj Xun: anatomski transbestiarij 


Performative intervention at Iva Tratnik’s exhibition in Gallery Škuc. The images from her paintings came into life and stepped into the experience of out there.



Inspiration and production: Iva Tratnik

Performes: Tatiana Kocmur, Alja Bulič, Peter Lebar, Ines Šimunić, Iva Tratnik, Sabell-Christina Fabian, Katarina Jenšterle

Video:  Živa Petrič, Tina Glavič Novak


Coproduction: Galerija Škuc, 2019


Bird fairies '' 2019

Creatures of the night. One night only.


Bird-fairies are born to be alive. In the stillness of the night, they create the elusive and the unforgettable. If you happen to meet a bird-fairy consider yourself lucky. Art-hosting at Villa For Forrest.



Producer: Sabell-Christian Fabian

Performers: Alja Bulič, Inti Šraj, Iva Tratnik, Tea Grahek, Sabell-Christian Fabian

Costumography: Tea Grahek

Text: Alja Bulič

Graphic Design: Sabell-Christina Fabian

Production: Hupa Brajdič, Fantasy Landscapes, Innenhofkultur, For Forest


March 2019, Villa For Forest, Klagenfurt


Found in translation (coproduction) '' 2017

I just want to be liked.

Found in translation is a dance project that explores the meanings that are lost, overlooked, found or added in our subjective interpretations of the information we receive in everyday communication. Through a movement method which allows free association of the body Kristina and Ferndando are searching for those elements in our communication that remain hidden. They are trying to create a place where personal and interpersonal finally meet. 



Idea and performance: Kristina Aleksova

Co-author and performance:  Fernando Troya

Photo, video, design: Živa Petrič

Music: Kleemar

Graphic Design: Sabell-Christina Fabian

Web Design: Gorazd Guštin

Stage and light design: Dejan Filipović

Producer: Nina Smerkol

Coproduction Hupa Brajdič/Kulturno društvo Center 21


May 2017, Foundus, Ljubljana

See the whole Show HERE






Stealing the moon

The image claims it’s own emancipation now. 

Physical theater performance about the Image. It is a birth, a hyperproduction and an exploitation. The performance talks about the Moon as one of the most  used images of all time.



Concept: Toni Poljanec

Performers and co-authors: Alja Bulič, Kristina Aleksova, Tanja Cirman

Music: Januš Luznar

Video: Jan Perovšek

Design: Lea Šuligoj, Vito Jančič

Costumography: Matic Hrovat

Co-production: KUD France Prešeren


KUD France Prešeren, november 2010






 Gerhard '' 2009

Trapped in a possible premonition.

Physical theater performance about an ordinary man called Gerhard. One day in the life of a person who wishes to become a stand-up comedian but is afraid to perform in public. He has fears to be laughed at not laughed with not realising his life is an ironic story of how to keep himself humble and small.



Performers and co-authors: Kristina Aleksova, Alja Bulič, Lea Šuligoj
Music: Januš Aleš Luznar
Scenography: Nataša Trbanc, Matjaž Stražar
Narration: Rok Kušlan
Light: Janko Oven
Design: Lea Šuligoj
Based on writing of Daniil Harms


Klub Gromka, December 2009






Telegram for Gaia '' 2006

The path of creative thought.


Physical theater performance about creation of the planet Earth and about the creative process that takes idea toward manifestation. Two divine creatures create the planet with the help of the manual. They however don’t follow the instructions and lose control over human beings.


Director: Toni Poljanec

Script: Alja Bulič, Lea Šuligoj

Performers: Alja Bulič, Tone Poljanec, Franci Kokalj, Lea Šuligoj, Kristina Aleksova, Luka Žibret, Matevž Čas, Urša Kanjir, Sonja Kerin

Music: RADIOYO, Peter Dekleva

Costumography: Andreja Kovač

Video: Tone Poljanec, Lea Šuligoj, Maja Šest, Vito Jančič

Production: Hupa Brajdič/KUD Center 21 

Junij 2006, Theater Glej